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Stone Tower

The voice of life in me cannot reach the ear of life in you; but let us talk that we may not feel lonely.


-Kahlil Gibran


My ‘work’ is the relationship

that ‘works’ for you.


I practise integrative-relational counselling. This means that I can draw from various theories including humanistic, psychodynamic and behavioural. It also means that I pay close attention to the relationship between us as the most important guide in supporting you to move forward in your life.

Personally, I am mostly influenced by psychodynamic thinking and more recently by neuroscience developments. In practice, this involves both looking at past significant events and attachments, as well as present moment awareness and capacity for affect-regulation. offer creative approaches too, which can be powerful way of braking through difficult emotions and unconscious patterns.

Despite different theoretical perspectives, my underlying philosophy is an existential one. I believe that we all share the condition of being human which contains both the freedom and the limitations of it. Learning to manage this innate conflict is everyone's task for life. There are no recipes for how, but we tend to learn better through experience and within relationships based on trust.     


So, my primary objective is to create a warm and respectful environment where you feel safe enough to explore your difficulties and become the ‘expert’ of your own experience. You and I create a unique model, based on what you need, timed at your pace, and focused on the relationship that makes a difference for you.

You Are - Not Alone

Galina Markova

MA (Child Psych) BA (Hons) MBACP (Accred)


Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults, Children and Young People.

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